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Douglas Fir

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5 • Species information sheet

The data given below are average data. These data, extracted mainly from the Guide des essences de bois (Guide to wood species, Published by Eyrolles - appearing November 2007), may in effect be influenced by numerous criteria particularly related to the maturity of the tree, the forestry practised, site factors, etc.
It does, however, give a quite accurate general snapshot of the main characteristics of Douglas Fir.

Description of the wood

  • Reference colour: pinkish-brown
  • Sapwood and heartwood are clearly distinct
  • Straight grain, medium texture, no countergrain
  • Tight knots of varying sizes
  • Very localised pockets of resin of varying size


  • Species: Green Douglas Fir pseudotsuga menziesii
  • Coverage: Throughout France, mainly in the Massif Central
  • Availability: very high

The Douglas Fir is developing strongly and the volumes available are growing

Physical properties

  • Density at 12%: 540 kg/m3
  • Total volumetric shrinkage: 13.2%
  • Tangential linear shrinkage: 8.1 %
  • Radial linear shrinkage: 5.1 %
  • Percentage of bark (adult tree): 13 %

Mechanical properties

  • Breaking stress under axial compression: 55 MPa
  • Breaking stress under axial traction: 93 MPa
  • Breaking stress under parallel bending: 85 MPa
  • Elastic modulus: 12,100 MPa
  • Brinell hardness parallel to the fibres: 44 N/mm2
  • Brinell hardness perpendicular to the fibres 18 N/mm2
  • Monnin hardness: 0.22 mm


  • Fungi: moderately resistant
  • Woodworm and Capricorn beetles: sensitive (sapwood only)
  • Termites: sensitive
  • Heartwood impregnability: not impregnable 
  • Sapwood impregnability: medium to low impregnability 
  • Natural compatibility (heartwood): up to category of use 3.2 from the Documentation Instalment FD P 20-651

Drying, machining, finish, uses

  • Relatively quick drying, easy
  • Normal machining, proper adhesion, good resistance to nailing
  • Can receive a finish
  • Use in frames, building shells, internal covering, fittings, joinery, landscaping, works of art, etc.