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The Coopérative Forestière Bourgogne Limousin (CFBL - Burgundy Limousin Forestry Cooperative) was created by forest owners in order to share resources, enabling them to carry out maintenance and operational work on their forests. It is a company founded on the principle of agricultural cooperation which aims to best serve the interests of its members through collective strength. Among the services offered are: expertise in forest, forestry and forest work (reforestation, maintenance, improvement work, etc.), marketing of wood, wood energy, research and development, etc.


8, rue Georgy Gauthier
Parc de l'empereur
19200 Ussel

Dirigeant : Lionel Say

Tél. 05 55 46 35 00



  • Forestry cooperative


  • Plants bare-rooted
  • Plants in pots
  • Bois rond Douglas (grumes et billons)

Equipment and services

  • Douglas Fir forestry
  • Reforestation
  • Sale of wood


  • FSC
  • PEFC