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France Douglas has been bringing the sector together for more than 20 years

France Douglas was founded in November 1993, initiated by forestry and sawmill professionals in France's main producing regions.Their aim was to ensure, with as much 
cohesion as possible, the promotion of Douglas fir.

To meet this goal, France Douglas has focused on developing its operations in the following four areas:

  • Monitoring standardization work that contributes to defining technical guidelines for the qualification of materials and their usage conditions,
  • Engaging in the research work necessary for a better understanding of the material, as well 
as ways to obtain the most value from it.
  • Supporting industry professionals, which translates into constant exchanges of information 
and, where needed, collective action to improve the organization and competitiveness of 
the sector It is within this framework that France Douglas has supported its 50 or so members to develop a standardised product range which contributes to capitalising on a renewable national resource with remarkable technological properties.
  • Implementing a consistent communications programme.

France Douglas is therefore contributing to the structuring of an industry that is increasingly asserting its economic potential, year after year.

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Interprofessional Association

France Douglas has national jurisdiction, and from the start has intended to bring together in a balanced way all areas of the sector that have a stake in promoting the Douglas Fir.

The composition of the Board of Directors reflects this intention: it brings together both local representatives, divided up into five thematic sections, and national representatives from professional federations or research and development bodies who are ex officio members.

The thematic sections, each having five members, cover the whole sector, from the upstream (producers) to the downstream (sawmills, second-stage processing, advocates of our products and design offices). The fifth section brings together regional interprofessional associations working in areas that have significant Douglas Fir resources, thus promoting coordination between the Association and the latter.

The full members, namely around fifteen bodies or federations who regularly participate in the work of the association, provide consistency with the national level.

Board of directors

Committee officers

Permanent staff

Board of directors

Production actors

Forestiers Privés de Bourgogne Hugues de CHASTELLUX

Union des Forestiers Privés du Rhône Yves PEILLON

Fransylva en Occitanie Thierry ARMENGAUD First Vice-Chair

Fransylva en Limousin Dominique COURAUD

Union Régionale des Forêts d'Auvergne Anne-Marie BAREAU

First-stage processing actors

Provvedi Industrie François PROVVEDI Committee officer

SA Scierie Garmier Marc GARMIER Deputy treasurer

B.B.F. - Bongard Bazot et Fils Jean Philippe BAZOT Chair

Dubot Bois et Scierie Jean-Jacques DUBOT Second Vice-Chair

Scieries du Forez Michelle FOULHOUX Committee officer

Second-stage processing actors

Bois et Sciages de Sougy Guy MONNET Secretary

Piveteau Bois Vincent MARLIN Deputy secretary

S.A.S. Cosylva Julien BOUTHILLON Treasurer

S.A.S. Tertu Jacques de MAUSSION

Arbonis Patrice COLOMBO

Certified operators

Alliance Forêts Bois Stéphane VIEBAN

Lifteam Jean-Luc SANDOZ

Comptoir Egletonnais du Bois Thierry FARGES

Arts et Métiers ParisTech Robert COLLET

Xylofutur Marc VINCENT

Promotion actors

France Bois Régions Olivier FERRON

Fibois Bourgogne Franche Comté Christian DUBOIS

Fibois Nouvelle Aquitaine Christian RIBES

Fibois Occitanie Christophe GLEIZE

Fibois Aura Stéphane FILAIRE

Full members

Office National des Forêts Benoit GENERE Committee officer

Forestiers Privés de France Serge DE POIX Committee officer

Comité National pour le Développement du Bois Samuel GARDAVAUD

Fédération Nationale du Bois Nicolas DOUZAIN-DIDIER Committee officer

Fédération Française du Bâtiment (Union des Métiers du Bois) Rodolphe MAUFRONT Committee officer

Institut Technologique Forêt Cellulose Bois Ameublement Alain BAILLY


Union de la Coopération Forestière Française Lionel SAY Committee officer

Compagnie Nationale des Ingénieurs et Experts Forestiers et des Experts en Bois Frédéric LEJUEZ

Centre National de la Propriété Forestière Claire HUBERT Committee officer

Syndicat National des Pépiniéristes Forestiers Vincent NAUDET

Union des Industries du Bois dans la Construction Romain CANLER

Union Nationale des Communes Forestières Dominique Jarlier

Confédération de l’Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment

Association Forêt Massif Central

Union Nationale des Syndicats Français d’Architectes Pierre CHOMETTE

Committee officers

Jean Philippe BAZOT


B.B.F. - Bongard Bazot et Fils


First Vice-Chair

URSPFS de Midi-Pyrénées

Jean-Jacques DUBOT

Second Vice-Chair

SAS Scierie Dubot et Fils



S.A.S. Cosylva


Deputy treasurer

SA Scierie Garmier



Bois et Sciages de Sougy

Vincent MARLIN

Deputy secretary

Piveteau Bois


Committee officer

Provvedi Industrie


Committee officer

Scieries du Forez


Committee officer

Office National des Forêts


Committee officer



Committee officer

Fédération Nationale du Bois


Committee officer

Fédération Française du Bâtiment (Union des Métiers du Bois)

Lionel SAY

Committee officer

Union de la Coopération Forestière Française


Committee officer

Centre National de la Propriété Forestière

Permanent staff

Sabrina Pedrono

general manager

05 87 50 41 99

Gaëlle Bouquinet

Administrative staff – accounts

05 87 50 42 19


France Douglas: the tool which has been promoting the cause of Douglas Fir for more than 20 years!

Standards and regulatory monitoring:

As a member of the various standardisation committees, France Douglas, having enabled Douglas Fir to be introduced into the French and European standards mechanism, has been monitoring its position in legislation since then (standards, DTUs, etc.), in partnership with its members for whom it plays an interface role. 


Studies and research work: 

  • Classification of the material: France Douglas conducts the necessary studies to better understand the material's property. 
  • Characterisation of products for construction: France Douglas has produced a collection of three technical guides describing the main construction, renovation and decoration products.
  • Specific studies: France Douglas undertakes all studies of a nature to increase understanding of the Douglas Fir on the market: Collective Environmental Declarations, Volatile Organic Compound emissions level, etc. Each member can benefit from and use the result of these studies for its business. 
  • Creation of new improved varieties: France Douglas is taking part in a programme which aims to create varieties which have the best technological properties and are best suited to climate change.


Promotional activity:

  • Presence at trade fairs: France Douglas represents the sector at the main national and international trade fairs: Carrefour International Wood Show, Bâtimat, Eurobois, etc.
  • Targeted initiatives for professionals: Every year, France Douglas organises several information days and visits to buildings with architects and public/private decision-makers.. 
  • Press relations: France Douglas regularly disseminates information in the main communication media.
  • Publishing and dissemination of specific documents: France Douglas provides its members with technical (product guides) and general (information brochure) documentation.
  • Display on the Association's website: your company profile can be browsed on France Douglas's website. It is presented to visitors at trade fairs and professional forums.