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The completed projects gallery shows buildings using Douglas fir. If you would like to display one of your projects in this gallery, please enter the information below. The information will be processed and published by the Association. Please do not hesitate to contact France Douglas directly if you have any questions (contact page).

You can also find the entire form by downloading it in PDF format
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Description and use of douglas fir

After having described your entire project, please indicate to us the reasons which led you to using Douglas Fir and in what context.

Give a description of the completed project (Maximum number of characters: 3000). Or attach the architectural survey to realisations@france-douglas.com

Why was Douglas Fir selected? Which products? Which nishes? How was it used? Details of how it was used in the building. Maximum number of characters: 500



Instructions for photos

• Send images in JPEG (preferably), TIFF, or PDF format (do not crop the photos).
• Send photos using WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com) or equivalent, if the photos exceeds 10 MB.
• Do not incorporate photographs into a Word document.
• Do not send documents that are larger than 10 MB in an email.
• Give a speci c indication of the copyright of each photo if you want to see it displayed on the website
• Each photograph must be accompanied by a caption

For these last 2 points, if you think it is necessary, attach a text  le (in Word or PDF format)

Only photographs of suf cient quality will be displayed on the website.